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Photo credit: Julie Gregor @story_pilgrim

a nature-based collaborative art project

This is an invitation to come home. 


To come home to your senses. To come home to the nature that surrounds you, wherever you are. To come home to your innate curiosity. 


We exist in ‘hyper-connected’ times that have found us more disconnected from the natural patterns and rhythms of the world. We live with growing ecological and social crises on a global scale which demand our urgent action, or feed our sense of overwhelm and disillusionment. And whilst every corner of our Earth has been mapped, in many ways, we are lost. 

The Ecology of Us is a nature-based collaborative art project inviting community members to engage all of their senses to develop an intentional relationship with their local environment. Together, we will celebrate the everyday magnificence of the nature that surrounds us, and is us. 


Do you want to cultivate a deep connection with the ecology around your home? 


Are you interested in exploring creativity through nature connection?   

Program Details

Image credit: Julie Gregor

Participants Received:

  • guidance to develop a nature connection practice nearby or at thier home

  • materials to capture a ‘sensory journal’ of their experiences using film photography and/or another creative medium of their choice over a 5-week period. (includes camera loan, 1 roll of film, film processing and printing of up to $10)

  • in-person & online support through the duration of the program 

At the end of the program, all participants were invited to share their creations and celebrate our journey in a community exhibition held at the Namalata Willam, Ceres Environental Park.

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  • Nature connection workshop & welcome session (in person, restrictions allowing): Saturday 14th August (12:30-4.30pm)

  • Self-directed visits to your ‘nature sit spot’ (2-3 times weekly) 

  • Reflection Sessions (online): 24th August, 7th September, 21st September (7pm-8.30pm)

  • Community exhibition and celebration (in person, restrictions allowing): Saturday 20th November


Image credit: Claudia Lang


This project was delivered on a volunteer, not-profit basis. The participation fee covers your photography materials (camera loan, 1 roll of film and film processing and printing of up to 5 photos) and the exhibition costs. 

Please note that pricing of future offerings may change.

Registrations have now closed.

To stay in the loop about the exhibition or future programs please drop us a line at or through our contact form and we will let you know about our news.


No spam, we promise.

Pricing (and Scholarships)


The facilitators acknowledge that this project takes place on lands that have known deep care and reciprocal relationships with their human custodians over millennia, and we pay our respects to the traditional custodians and their elders who have cultivated and tended that relationship for thousands of years, both before colonisation and ongoing today. 

With this in mind, 'The Ecology of Us' project seeks to cultivate a deep reverence and respect for this sacred land and promote first nations justice through relationship with place.


Image credit: Julie Gregor


Meet the facilitators

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Julie Gregor

Julie Gregor has a decade of global experience facilitating collaborative conservation projects and environmental advocacy campaigns that centre the voices of first nations communities and the need for a return to traditional knowledge. In recent years she has been exploring how we who lack a sense of belonging might begin to heal our relationship with the earth through film, writing, creative play and leading nature connection meditations. Julie shares her deep love and reverence for all beings and invites you to dive deeper into your fascination with the nature that exists within and around you. 

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Claudia Lang

Claudia Lang has a background in community development, food justice and climate activism. She's inspired by what becomes possible when we bring curiosity and presence to our relationships - both the human and the more-than-human - and how these qualities can unravel our perceived separation with nature and each other.

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Kara Mandel

Kara Mandel is a visual artist, yoga and meditation teacher. Centered in a deep love for the earth and all their beings, her practices are informed and guided by somatic exploration, creative expression, and deep imagination. She is known for her tender facilitation style, inviting those around her to soften and connect from a place of patience and curiosity with the intention of illuminating the threads of relationship within and around us.


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